Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
§1 General

(1) The following 'Terms of Conditions' (ToC) are valid in the version of the day of registration on Waiteroid over the app or the website between waiteroid and his customer. Different agreements need to be recorded in written form. With registration on Waiteroid the customer accepts this ToC and accepts to be bound to it.

(2) If there are single regulations of this ToC partially or completely ineffective, because of forced legal regulations (especially all regulations related to customer protection), all other regulations of this ToC stay unchanged and effective.

(3) Our offer directs commercial and non commercial clients.

§2 Usage Regulation

(1) Waiteroid reserves the right, to change it´s offer and it´s ToC at any time.

(2) Waiteroid is a combination of website and mobile app. It offers gastronomy companies to monitor the performance of it´s employees on one hand, on the other hand it offers guests of gastronomy companies to call the service team through the app.

(2.1) For Gastronomy Companies

Gastronomy Companies have to subscribe WITH COSTS on the website of Waiteroid. During the first 90 days, the usage of Waiteroid is absolutely free (except additional ordered restaurants) and can be quit any time. After this time the condition of the chosen subscription takes place. With registration the gastronomy company and Waiteroid conclude a contract. The shown prices on the website are gross prices and include a sales tax. With successful registration a gastronomy owner can configure restaurants, where the Waiteroid app for gastronomy comapnies can be used.

With registration the gastromoy owner chooses the matching subscription offer. Owners might choose if they would like to pay monthly or yearly for their subscription. The subscription can only be terminated with end of the subscription period (for termination the customer might apply before already, but the termination can just be performed by end of the subscritpion period). When terminating, there is no money returned. Waiteroid also offers the possibility to change between subscriptions. For changing to lower subscriptions there are the same regulations as for terminating the contract. Changing to higher subscriptions take action immediatley after the order is performed.

If a subscription is terminated, or if a subscription is changed to a lower package, it is still possible to redo the termination or change till it is performed. If a subscription is terminated the account can only be reactivated after a written order to us. You might contact support@waiteroid.com in case!

A subscription starts with the day of order at 00:00 o´clock no matter at which time the order took place.

Additionally there is the possibility for gastronomy owners, to buy the function of Waiteroid for additional gastronomy companies. The payment for additionally ordered gastromoy companies works the same as the original subscription. On Yearly subscription the payment is also yearly, monthly else. With terminating the original subscription on Waiteroid, all other additional subscriptions for additional gastronomy companies terminate automatically too.
These additional subscriptions can be ordered and canceld any time. For these additional subscriptions you are only charged for the amount you really used them. All additional subscriptions are charged the same time. This means, when you order it the first time, the date of order is the reference date for the following additional subscriptions. If you for example orderd the first additional subscription on 18th of June you are charged 9 € (suggesting that you have a monthly payment). If you ordered a second one on 19th of June you will be charged the price of one day less. If you canceled one additional subscription you get returned the amount based on how many days, you did not use the last ordered additional subscription. ATTENTION, THE USAGE OF WAITEROID FOR ADDITIONALLY ORDERED RESTAURANTS IS NOT FOR FREE EVEN IN THE TRIAL TIME OF 90 DAYS.

(2.2) For Guests Of Gastronomy Companies

Guests can use the Waiteroid App completely free of charge.

(3) If guests want to rate their visit by leaving a feedback for the gastronomy company they have to take care, that the contents of their message do not include any pornographic, martial, sexistic, national socialistic, racist, unmoral or chivvy content. Waiteroid reserves the right to delete such content and proseed judicial against it.

(4) The content of our website and apps was created with biggest care. For the correctness, complete check and topicality of the content we can not take any warranty. As a service provider we are appropriate to § 7 Abs.1 telecommunication law (TMG) responsible for the content of our wesite. Appropriate to §§ 8 to 10 TMG we are not responsible, to monitor saved or sent foreign content or to do research about circumstances, which point to a lawful prohibition. Duties to delete or lock the usage from information appropriate to general laws are unaffected from this. A responsibility related to this is only possible from the moment of knowledge of a concrete lawful prohibition. By emerge of a lawful prohibition we will remove the related content immediatley.
Liability claims against the author, which are related to material or ideological damage, which are caused by the usage or non usage of the offered information or by the usage of wrong and uncomplete information, are basically excluded, provided that there is no demonstrable coarse carelessness against the author.
The author reserves the right to change, add, delete parts of the sites and to stop publishments temporary or completely at any time without announcments.

(5) We reserve the right to reject customers without the indication of reasons.

§3 Data And Data Protection

(1) General, Advertisment Information

The rules of data protection in the valid version of the data protection law are observed.

The customer accepts that Waiteroid uses all data for statistical purpose.

Waiteroid is not responsible for illegal access by third parties (e.g. virus, hacking, ...).

Customers accept, that their data can be viewed by third parties.

(2) Forwarding data through Waiteroid

We are allowed to save data of customers or send them to public authorities if demanded, if there is a suspicion of abuse. The customer agrees that in this case he will not make demands of any kind, for example because of the violation of the data protection act. Further the customer agrees, that we are allowed to pass his data to third parties, whose rights were violated, by sending their information or personal contents by the customer.

(3) Publishing data of guests of a gastronomy company

Waiteroid does not take any responsibility which personal data of guests are forwarded when guests leave a feedback for gastronomy owners. Personal data should only be offered with biggest care. We explicitly indicate, that data which is forwarded do not subject to confidential any more. Users of the Waiteroid Guests app also accept, that Waiteroid sends data for statistical purpose to gastronomy owners about their visit.

(4) A detailed explanation about the data protection act you will find on our site under 'data protection act'.

§4 Contract Language

(1) The contract content, all other information, customer service and appeal service are offered in German and English.

§5 Accomplishments

(1) Accomplishments always take place in all conscience.

(2) Stopping any free service is possible any time without any reasons.

§6 Prices, Payments

(1) We offer services for free and against payments.

(2) If not specified differently, all prices are gross, including the legal sales tax.

(3) The customer has the possibility to use services of Waiteroid against payment by paying with credit card. For this the payment system stripe is used (www.stripe.com). All payment modalities and private information related to it are processed by Stripe and are not overlying to us.

(4)Exceptions because of uncompletness or incorrectness of the balance have to be claimed by the customer in between eight weeks.

§7 Final Regulations

(1) Place of execution and place of venue is Vienna.

(2) Because the services against payments are only offered to business customers, the right of withdrawal related to § 11 Abs 1 FAGG consumerism are not applicable.

Version of terms and conditions: June 2019