1Is there a trial period for Waiteroid?

Yes, each subscription plan offers you a trial period where you can try Waiteroid free of charge and quit any time.

2Is Waiteroid Free of charge?

Waiteroid charges for gastronomy companies but is completely free for all guests of those.

3What do I need in my gastronomy company for making Waiteroid running?

  • A wifi connection
  • A mobile device at the bar (or another location where your service teams passes by) for your service team (best choice might be a tablet)
  • And a subscription on our website
  • 4How long do I have to wait till Waiteroid will be working in my gastronomy company?

    As soon as you subscribed you can start using Waiteroid. After subscription you have to configure your gastronomy companie(s) and employees, then Waiteroid is ready to be used (for a gastronomy companies with 3 employees, the process might take 5 minutes).

    5Can I have more than one tablet in my gastronomy company for my service team from where they can serve my guests?

    Yes, but for this you have to configure two restaurants for one. If you for example have two floors and in each there is a desk for waitresses/waiters from where they serve your guests, then you might configure one restaurant for the down part and one for the upper part as if they were 2 different restaurants.

    6How can I register at Waiteroid as a guest?

    Download our fantastic app and register before logging in the first time.

    7Why do I need to register in Waiteroid as a guest?

    Because we have to ensure that all actions which are taken through our apps are triggered by human beings and not by naughty scripts.

    8Will Waiteroid make food better?

    No, but we will improve the stay of all guests at every gastronomy company which is using our service.

    9Is Waiteroid the fantastic revolutionary software of the 21st century?

    Of course.